The story of an extraordinarily courageous young woman on a path to recovery


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JURY PRIZE - Bergamo Film Meeting | Official Selection - Hot Docs Film Festival | Educational Materials + Curriculum

Sexual Abuse + Trauma • Social Issues • Anthropology • Women's Rights • Law + Civil Rights 

Date of Completion: 2020 | Run Time: 75 minutes​​ | Language: Norwegian with English subtitles | Captions: Yes | Includes: Curriculum & Transcript | Director: Tone Grøttjord-Glenne | Producers: Anita Rehoff Larsen

After five years in the foster system, eighteen-year-old Emilie returns to her family home to rebuild a fractured relationship with her mother and younger half-siblings. She wants to heal the trauma that haunts her, and move towards a self-determined future. To do that, Emilie must gather the courage to reveal to her half-siblings the reason their father was imprisoned. Told with a commitment to emotional insight and dedication to Emilie’s subjective experience, this is the story of an extraordinarily courageous young woman finding the voice that was long denied to her.

The Hollywood Reporter
"Has a gripping vérité power ... Intimately observed but never intrusive ... A quietly observant profile in courage."

Jury Prize | Bergamo Film Meeting
"For the director’s ability to tell the true and touching story of a girl, without invading too much her already fragile balance and, at the same time, effectively portraying all her strength and determination on screen, giving voice to the many stories of abuse and violence which are still perpetrated in the world today. CGIL has always been at the forefront in defense of human rights and condemning violence against women. The importance of reporting abuse, even at home (especially after the pandemic this year has caused a tremendous increase of domestic abuse - 119% more in Italy alone) can never be stressed enough."

"An intimate portrait of the defiant Emile, as she pushes past the scariest aspects of her past to carve a path to a better future. It’s exactly the sort of personal take on a dark but essential subject that benefits from the festival platform, even in these strange times."

Spirituality & Practice
“Emotionally Touching. A powerful appreciation of the lasting damage of sexual abuse on children and those closest to them. Draws out our empathy.”

Cinema Sentries
"A beautiful story of courage in the midst of fear ... This film is beautifully shot and the pacing allows for the viewer to really get a sense of how time passes for Emile."

POV Magazine
"There’s no denying the calibre of the unique and powerful character at the heart of the film. Emile’s story is one shared by far too many, yet the way she is allowed to tell it, in dribs and drabs as she comes to terms with all that has transpired, is quite impactful."

The Gate
“Gut-wrenching and heartbreaking. The kind of film you hope everyone sees because it might make the world a more understanding and empathetic place. Honest and unflinching. Gorgeously shot, expertly paced, and overwhelmingly emotional.”

The Movable Fest
"The lingering effects of a horrific crime are vividly portrayed in this profile of a young Norwegian woman looking to move on with her life."