GOOD TALK film screenings and Q&A events with the award-winning filmmakers, scholars, and activists behind our films are available year round. GOOD TALKS are hosted by universities, schools, conferences, non-profits, libraries, community groups, museums, companies and more. We'll help you coordinate the logistics of your GOOD TALK event, provide a streaming link for your screening and arrange for our speakers to join you by Zoom or a similar platform of your choice. Pricing includes a license and speaker fee, and varies depending on the film and your organization. If you are unsure about which speaker to book, please fill out the form below and we'll suggest a speaker that match your area of interest.


Abby Ginzberg
Alysa Nahmias

Angela Peacock
Aman Ali
Amanda Attla
Anayansi Prado
Andrew Seger
Anne Flatté
Annelise Wunderlich
Beau Bassett
Bennett Singer
Cameron Washington
Casey Camp-Horinek
Cecilia Aldarondo
Chelsea Hernandez
Christina D. King
Ciara Lacy
CURED Storytellers
Cynthia Kane
David Schumacher

Dawn Valadez
Diana Fox
Deirdre Fishel
Edwin Martinez
Elizabeth Castle
Emily Harrold
Grace Lee
Gretchen Hildebran
Hannah Dweck
Heather Courtney
Hector Barajas-Varela
Henry "Poison" Gaddis
Hui Tong
Hy Thurman
Ilmar Gavilán and Aldo López-Gavilán from LOS HERMANOS
Jacqueline Olive
Jacob Bricca
Jeff Bemiss
Jose "Cha Cha" Jimenez
Julia Meltzer
Juliane Dressner
Julia Steele Allen
Kate Brooks
Katie Galloway
Kelechi Ubozoh
Kelly Ng
Ken Schneider
Kristi Jacobson
Lale Namerrow Pastor
Laura Nix
Lauren Lubin
Laurie Coyle
Lenny Feinberg
Leslie Iwerks
Linda Goldstein Knowlton
Linda J. Brown
Lisa Klein
Lisa Molomot
Lynn Cunningham
Madonna Thunder Hawk
Maureen Judge
Marcella Gilbert
Marcia Jarmel
Maria Finitzo
Mariam Ghani
Maribeth Romslo
Marlon Johnson
Mary Jane White
Medicating Normal Custom Panel
Michelle Steinberg
Mike Seely
Mustafa Zeno
Noel Anaya
Pamela Tom
Patrick Sammon
Paul Espinosa
Philippe Bellaiche
Rachel Leah Jones
Ray Santisteban
Renee Tajima-Peña
Richard O'Connell
Richard Ray Perez
Roberta Grossman
Robin Berghaus
Robin McKenna
Rodrigo Reyes
Roopa Gogineni
Rose Arce
Sarah Feinbloom
Sara Goldrick-Rab
Satsuki Ina
Stephen Maing
Ti Chang
Tom Shepard
Vaishali Sinha
Virginia Espino
Vivian Vazquez Irizarry
Wendy J.N. Lee
Vonda Viland
Peer College Counseling Workshop
Yi Chen
Zeshawn Ali