Reviews & Quotes | Ricochet

Educational Media Reviews Online | LaRoi Lawton, Library & Learning Resources Department, Bronx Community College of the City University of New York
"Jeff Adachi and Chihiro Wimbush have created a film so powerful and, at the same time, contradictory about everything America is supposed to represent: the right to a fair trial; a trial by jury from an impartial jury; an unbiased approach to civil rights and legal process. This documentary illustrates that while our courts have recognized that a fair trial depends on an impartial jury if a person is excluded from serving on a jury pool based on sex, race, ancestry, or religion, the U.S. Constitution’s promise of an impartial jury of one’s peers is illusory."

The San Francisco Standard | Richard von Busack
"Adachi and Wimbush wrap this story of diabolical misfortune with well-wrought aesthetics."

San Francisco Examiner | Anita Katz
"Wimbush describes “Ricochet” as both a document of the Garcia-Zarate case and a close-up look at how the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office plays a crucial role in the justice system by providing those who cannot afford an attorney with capable, dedicated legal representation."

BeyondChron | Peter Wong
"The beauty of Ricochet is in its showing in painstaking detail how, stripped of its racist accoutrements, the Steinle death can be understood as the product of a confluence of freak occurrences."

Apex Express | Miko Lee, Co-Host
"Their story is so heartbreaking, but the fact that it was used as an anti-immigrant stance, as opposed to an anti-gun stance shows to me the power structures that are alive."

Jeff Adachi, Co-Director/Producer
"Ricochet provides a framework to intelligently and rationally frame the question of how and why immigrants are often scapegoated and why this case became a vehicle for politicians such as President Trump to further their anti-immigration policies."