Celebrating 10 Years of GOOD DOCS

Celebrating 10 Years of GOOD DOCS

[Los Angeles, CA April 3rd] — GOOD DOCS, a vital resource for 270 independent documentarians hoping to reach universities, high schools, and communities, is celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Their many accomplishments include thousands of academic sales and screenings, over 450 speaking engagements, and over 8000 impact screenings for students, educators, and communities. “I wanted to create a collection that put forward multiple visions of how much better our world could be. That’s why we represent so many diverse voices and focus on films that demonstrate solutions to some of the major problems of our times,” said founder and director Sarah Feinbloom, who launched GOOD DOCS in 2014.

Filmmaker Ciara Leinaʻala Lacy recently said, “after years of painstakingly working on my first film, OUT OF STATE, finding the right partner to usher it into distribution was essential. GOOD DOCS was exactly what I hoped for! Kind, thoughtful, transparent, thorough, with, of course, all the right contacts get the film into all the academic spaces we had hoped for — and more.“

The collection features several Sundance Audience and Director Award winners, Peabody Award & Emmy Award-winning and nominated films, winners of Video Librarian Best of Awards and the 2023 Oscar Winner, NAVALNY. In addition to representing established documentarians, GOOD DOCS champions new, passionate filmmakers driven by their experiences as educators, academics, journalists, artists, social workers, community members, and activists. The company is increasingly well known in academia and beyond for its human rights and diversity focus.

Set Hernandez, whose new film UNSEEN received the Truer Than Fiction Award at the 2024 Film Independent Spirit Awards, shared that “GOOD DOCS has been an invaluable partner for our film, providing a platform for our impact campaign and facilitating ways for us to reach audiences not just in educational institutions but also foundations, conferences, grassroots organizations, and beyond.”

GOOD DOCS credits several people in the documentary field for helping them to reach this milestone. Of note, former senior Sundance programmer, producer, and film consultant Caroline Libresco and documentary consultant Peter Broderick. Other early supporters include filmmakers Goro Toshima, Dawn Valadez, Renee Tajima-Peña, Virginia Espinosa, Grace Lee, Julie Wyman, Laura Gabbert, Laura Nix, Melanie Miller, Diane Becker, Richard Ray Perez, Heather Courtney, and Sascha Rice.

In addition to working with individual filmmakers, GOOD DOCS has also been developing partnerships with prominent documentary-producing organizations including the Bitchitra Collective, Jewish Story Partners, Multitude Pictures Queer Futures series, and Claims Conference.

The collection even has several films that Feinbloom has directed herself. Learn more about her here. Long-time staff include documentary filmmaker and industry professional Juliana Sakae, along with Linda Lu, Katrina Jacinto, Coral Worley, and Sienna Lee.