We accept Purchase Orders. Please fill out the Purchase Order Form on the Contact Us Page or email us at outreach@gooddocs.net

Please send discount requests to outreach@gooddocs.net. Please be sure to include information about your organization. We do our best to make our films affordable when we can. Check out our 50% off section for some great options as well.

We handle bulk discount requests on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out directly to outreach@gooddocs.net

Our Shipping & Handling fee is $20 per order. We aim to ship orders by the end of the next business day. We offer First Class Mail (7-10 days for delivery) and Priority Mail (2-4 days for delivery). We will send your tracking number once your order ships. Please note CA sales taxes are charged on all orders shipped in California. If there are any questions about your order, email outreach@gooddocs.net. Tax is not charged on streaming orders.

Our International DVD Shipping & Handling fee is $26 per order. We aim to ship orders by the end of the next business day. We offer First Class Mail (7-21 days for delivery) and Priority Mail (6-10 days for delivery). We will send your tracking number once your order ships. If there are any questions about your order, email outreach@gooddocs.net.

We accept check payments. During checkout you will have the option to choose to pay by check. You can also submit a purchase order and we will send you an invoice which you can use to pay by check.


Provides access for students, faculty or staff use for a specified course, multiple sections of the same course, or limited group of viewers within an institution. It may only be shared with those directly enrolled or involved with the specified course or group and may not be posted publicly.

14 DAY STREAMING INTERNAL USE: 300 viewers max

For streaming department-wide, to multiple departments or groups, your entire campus or institution, or events free and open to the public, purchase please the Public Screening License.

Provides public performance rights for ONE screening event that is department-wide, open to multiple departments or groups, open to your campus, or free and open to the public through streaming access or DVD for up to 500 people, if you plan on having more viewers please contact outreach@gooddocs.net. If you plan to invite other schools or organizations to your screening, please contact us to share the names of these institutions and the total number of expected viewers. Additional fees may apply.

Using a GOOD DOC for fundraising purposes is available to non-profits and community groups only. This license gives you public performance rights for ONE screening that is open to the public. You can charge admission for the screening and keep all profits for your community organization. Available through streaming access or DVD for up to 500 people, if you plan on having more please contact outreach@gooddocs.net

To book your fundraiser, navigate to your film of choice and choose the fundraiser option. You will need to fill out and sign the Fundraiser License that will be delivered to you upon checkout.


Up to 300 people who are part of your class, school or organization or 500 people who are part of your event can access the link during the 14 day period at any time, at the same time or at different times and stream it on the GOOD DOCS platform. This number includes direct and indirect access through Zoom or similar platforms. If you need remote streaming for more people contact outreach@gooddocs.net

Internal Use: 300 viewers max
Public Screening: 500 viewers max
Fundraiser: 500 viewers max

If you would like to provide streaming access for more than the maximum number, please contact us at outreach@gooddocs.net

Once you purchase the 14 Day Streaming option we will email you a streaming link. 14 day access begins at the TIME OF PURCHASE, not upon opening the link. If you wish to purchase the license now but do not want your 14 day access to begin immediately, please fill out the Purchase Order form and specify the date you would like to receive the link in the "Special Requests or Questions" box.

You can stream a GOOD DOC 14 Day Streaming Link through Zoom. Sometimes, Zoom or your internet connection may reduce the quality of the film, which GOOD DOCS won't be able to control. In these cases we recommend that you share the link with the attendees so they can watch the film on their own devices. You may have up to 300 (internal use) or 500 (public screening/fundraiser) people. If you want more people to attend your event please contact us at outreach@gooddocs.net

We require a blanket GOOD DOCS BLANKET STREAMING LICENSE for perpetual streaming purchases. You must have a password protected server at your university to purchase this option. The blanket license covers your institution for any perpetual streaming license you purchase from GOOD DOCS.

Please fill out the GOOD DOCS BLANKET STREAMING LICENSE and email it back to outreach@gooddocs.net. If you already have a BLANKET STREAMING LICENSE with us, let us know.

Download the blanket streaming license here. You can also access, download and return a signed blanket streaming license when you fill out our purchase order form.

Institutional Requirements for a Perpetual Streaming License Purchase: This license allows for all university affiliates (affiliates defined as current students, staff, and faculty) to view the film individually or in a group-setting without limitation on audience size or venue type. Screenings must be for non-paying audiences in a non-commercial fashion. Additionally, this license allows the university or college to host the film and limit access authenticated by and provided by your institution from secure institutional servers on closed password protected networks including internet protocol blocking software. Please confirm via email what platform you plan on hosting your DSL to ensure the film file is adequately protected. The license length is life of format. Any public viewing on campus, such as student organizations hosting a viewing for university affiliates, or playing the film on a campus theater for university affiliates necessitates the purchase of this PPR license. By copyright law, any classroom streaming necessitates a public performance rights purchase.

Digital Download: We will send you a downloadable digital file to upload to your school's secure server once you have purchased the film and returned a signed copy of the blanket streaming license.

DVD: Email outreach@gooddocs.net that you would like to do the DVD option. Pay for $20 shipping & receive the DVD for digitizing to upload to your secure server.

Using a Third Party Server: Your school or university you may use a third party streaming platform such as AVON or DocuSeek to host a GOOD DOCS film. Please sign a streaming license with us granting the third party platform permission to host it just for your university and they must provide password protected, authenticated access.

If Your Institution Does Not Have a Server: Choose the DVD or 14 Day Streaming Hosted by GOOD DOCS instead. We are working on 1 year hosting so please circle back.

Most of our films are available in DVD format. If you have already ordered a DVD and now want to get a perpetual streaming license, we charge $200 for the upgrade. If you ordered a DVD and can't use it because of COVID-19, contact us at outreach@gooddocs.net and we'll send you a complimentary 14 day streaming link. DVDs may be used for Internal Use or Public Screenings after you purchase corresponding license.

See the shipping section above for information on shipping.


If you are considering one of our titles for an institutional purchase and would like to request a preview, please fill out this form. Please note that online previews are for preview only and may not be used for classroom use or exhibition.


Many of our filmmakers regularly attend campus, corporate and community events as part of our GOOD TALKS series. If you would like the filmmaker to attend your campus or community screening or would like to arrange a Skype Q&A session, please fill out this form.


GOOD DOCS sells to Educational Institutions with educational licenses and pricing. Purchasing from Netflix or Amazon, Video On Demand Streams, and Home Use DVDs are intended for home use, single viewer only. These purchases are not licensed for group use in universities, schools, public libraries, churches or government agencies. It is a violation of copyright law to host a public screening of our films using a HOME USE DVD or Video On Demand. The Federal Copyright Act (Title 17 of the US Code) governs how copyrighted materials, such as movies, may be used. Neither the rental nor the purchase of a copy of a copyrighted work carries with it the right to publicly exhibit the work. This legal requirement applies regardless of whether an admission fee is charged, whether the institution or organization is commercial or nonprofit, or whether a federal or state agency is involved.


Unlike large studios that have big production, advertising and publicity budgets, our independent filmmakers often rely on small grants and donations to produce their work. Because of this patchwork funding landscape for indie filmmakers, they are rarely remunerated for the three - ten years it typically takes to make a high quality, well researched film. Most documentary films also include costly archival footage. That’s why GOOD DOCS sets prices that are standard among educational distributors to help filmmakers cover these enormous costs and continue their important work. Please consider this when you may be tempted to purchase or stream one of our titles intended for home use from Netflix or Amazon, HOME USE DVDs, Video On Demand Streams.