Reviews & Quotes | And So I Stayed

Educational Media Reviews Online | Reviewed by Gisèle Tanasse, University of California Berkeley
Highly Recommended
"[A] truly unique addition to a growing field of feature-length documentaries focused on the experiences of incarcerated women by women filmmakers."

The New York Times
"A heartfelt window into domestic abuse."

Chicago Tribune
"Victims of domestic violence see their struggle in film."

ABC | Kyra Phillips, Anchor
"Two directors are shining a light on survivors of abuse."

Vox | Marin Cogan
“In focusing on the stories of survivors, the filmmakers challenge viewers to reconsider some of the dominant narratives about women and violence.”

Prism | Tamar Sarai, Writer
“And So I Stayed disrupts how [true crime] encourages us to think about crime, harm, violence, and those who survive it.”