Reviews & Quotes | Calavera Highway

Duke UniversityAriel Dorfman, Walter Hines Page Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of Literature  
"Calavera Highway takes us on a unique journey into the many Americas disputing the heartland and the border, and does so with energy, sophistication and a deeply literary resonance."

Los Angeles Weekly
“The best film previewed… The film is filled with affecting moments, but the most powerful is incredibly simple: In footage culled from family home movies, one of the adult sons is sitting on the sofa next to his frail, sleeping, dying mother; he simply looks at her for a while, and then drops his eyes to his hands, resting in his lap. There’s so much grief and sadness in that quick exchange, it breaks your heart.”

SF360 | Independent View
An intimate and elegantly crafted work of cinema verite, Calavera Highway encompasses universal familial tensions, Mexican-American identity, the responsibilities of fathers (and sons) and the psychic malleability of
map-drawn borders.”