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 Educational Media Reviews Online: "Highly Recommended"
"Rice has gathered much archival footage and commentary from others including Willie Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and Tom Brokaw who believes Brown will be long-remembered as “the godfather of modern California.” Brown’s story should serve as an inspiration for anyone weary of the never-ending political scrums that have come to be identified with state and national politics. There is no other DVD available on the career of Pat Brown and this is a worthy addition. It’s a highly recommended purchase for every library in California and any university with government and/or American history departments."

Los Angeles Times | George Skelton
"To get anything done in government —then or today — requires a leader. Pat Brown filled the bill. For a political junkie, it's four stars."

Maxine Isaacs, Lecturer on Government at Harvard University
"An invaluable teaching tool. Brings to life the challenges and trade-offs of governance; the clash between ambitious government leaders and eventual limits on resources; and the need for congruence between a visionary leader and the time in which he or she serves."