Reviews & Quotes | DELIKADO

Hot Docs | Ravi Srinivasan
“Delikado is a timely environmental thriller on how corrupt corporate and political interests are swallowing small Indigenous communities across the globe by diminishing their resources and limiting their power, one tree at a time.”

Human Rights Watch | Luciana Tellez-Chavez, Researcher, Environment and Human Rights Division
“Delikado is an important and powerful film. The tension is palpable throughout … but so is the incredible courage of the environmental defenders portrayed.”

Golden Globe Awards | Silvia Bizio
“a timely environmental thriller”

The Sundance Institute | Paola Mottura, Director of the Documentary Film Fund
“Delikado offers a breathtaking insight into what it means to be an environmental activist in the Philippines today”

Unseen Films | Steve Kopian
“Delikado is a hell of a film….Shot like a thriller…..Be prepared to get angry.”