Reviews & Quotes

Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO) | Douglas Reed, Department of Political Science, Ouachita Baptist University
"Eye-opening and timely, EXILED makes a compelling case for these forgotten veterans and uncovers an unyielding bureaucracy’s shameful response. A must-see for lawmakers and veterans’ advocates, EXILED is an outstanding resource for all libraries as well as courses in law, political science, and sociology."

Boston College Law School | Jennifer Klein, Adjunct Professor
"In an introductory immigration law course, this film brought a human element to the laws and systems studied throughout the semester, and was a perfect illustration of the dangers of deploying a simplistic good immigrant/bad immigrant narrative in shaping immigration policy. The film painted a powerful picture of the ways in which non-citizens, even those who have served our country, face dramatic consequences once entangled in the criminal justice system."

UC Berkeley College of Journalism Samantha Grant, Lecturer
"When it comes to immigration, there is no simple solution. EXILED is an gripping and intimate documentary that perfectly demonstrates the problems that arise with hard line policies around immigration. Through the emotional stories of compelling and relatable characters, EXILED challenges assumptions and raises hard questions about what it even means to be an American in this day and age."

Video Librarian ★★★ K. Fennessy
"Although Seely’s film focuses on only two men, it’s clear that they represent hundreds of others in the same predicament. Recommended."