Reviews & Quotes | The Forbidden Call

Educational Media Reviews Online | Reviewed by Elena Landry, George Mason Libraries, Fairfax, VA
"I highly recommend this very short documentary to anyone interested in faith and spiritual examination."

Video Librarian | Reviewed by Sue-Ellen Beauregard
"A quick way to introduce a complex topic in college classrooms and other group settings to elicit discussions about women’s roles, religious beliefs, commitment, and dissent. Recommended for documentary and religious shelves in academic libraries."

Loyola Marymount University | Mark Aloysius, SJ, D.Phil., Postdoctoral Instructor of Theological Studies
"I was delighted to show The Forbidden Call to my class on dissent, to have AnaMichele speak to us about her documentary and participate in class discussion. The documentary is a wonderful piece of scholarship and demonstrates what a college senior is capable of accomplishing. As a documentary, I find it thought provoking and empathetic. I used it in class to demonstrate how dissent is an unusual form of loyalty and love to the Church. It opened up class discussion concerning theories of dissent in a very heartfelt manner."

FutureChurch | Russ Petrus, Co-Director, FutureChurch
"It was a true joy to be able to share The Forbidden Call with our FutureChurch membership. AnaMichele Morejon beautifully captures the faithful struggle, shared by so many women, to respond authentically to God’s call in their lives as members of an institution unwilling to receive their gifts and vocations. The Forbidden Call sparked a deep and meaningful intergenerational conversation that continues to inspire our membership to this day."