Reviews & Quotes | Liquor Store Dreams

Yuriko | College Student in New York
"I cried a lot and so did the people around me. We were collectively crying and sniffling. This movie has already started the work of community building and it hasn't even officially premiered yet!"

Angie | Los Angeles
"Feeling very emotional and incredibly moved by So's beautiful storytelling of Liquor Store Dreams. I hope everyone gets a chance to watch."

Paul | Chicago
"I loved this film and all the people whose stories were featured in it. You should be very, very proud!"

Molly | Local citizen of Koreatown Los Angeles
"It was so touching, beautiful, and just really really good. So Many emotions  
❤ 😭 I know LSD is you and Danny's family's stories, but I felt so visibilized by their telling and realted them so much too. Strangely, I feel lighter and free after watching. Thank you thank you and huge bravo <3 "

Naren | Philadelphia Resident
"A refreshingly balanced Doc between narrative arc and intimate-portrait storytelling. A though-provoking film that is not afraid to question the circumstances of its own creation."

Suzi | Community Organizer from Philadelphia
"Thank you for making this film and sharing your and Danny's story. It was so moving to me personally and is challenging me to think about my experience. it also made me feel proud to be Korean American. Maybe for the first time ever in my life, which means a lot at 44 years old. Thanks again and I wish you a long career in filmmaking and changing lives."