Reviews & Quotes | My Bones Are Woven

Chichester International Film Festival
"I was surprised and wowed by this film. It gives you something you didn't know you needed"
"powerful, emotional and inspirational"

Screenplay Shetland
"Fabulous, beautifully done, and a great topic!"
"Very emotional - touched me deeply."

Special Screening - British Library Margo Selby
"Well done for capturing this important artist in such authentic light"

The Tate | Ann Coxon, Curator
"It's just just a wonderful film because it really captures the way Ann’s remarkable mind works and the absolute joy and total motivation in the possibilities of what you can do with physical materials and ideas and thoughts when these things come together - and that’s really what art is all about."

Screening - No6 Cinema Portsmouth
"So uplifting, so clever, beautiful film"