Reviews & Quotes

University of Arizona | Bill Simmons, Director, Human Rights Practice Program
"Even though I have been working on the migrant death issue for 18 years, this film moved me more than anything I have seen. It captures the human element of the families, the crossers, law enforcement, ranchers, and the aid workers all together in a way that I had not seen before.  This film is, in my mind, the definitive artwork on migrant deaths."

Texas State University | Dr. Kate Spradley, Biological Anthropologist
"The failure to properly investigate and identify the dead at our nation’s border is a culmination of systemic failures at multiple levels, creating a humanitarian crisis. Nothing can convey the reality of the situation in the same way as watching the new documentary Missing in Brooks County."

Arizona State UniversityGabriella Soto, Honors Faculty
"Missing in Brooks County captures the feeling of a moment in a still unfolding history with gutting clarity. Focusing on the tragic circumstances in which migrants die in transit as well as the individuals responding to this slow-moving mass casualty event, it shows how all are essentially set up to fail because the systems in place are inadequate and the deaths never stop. This film is a call to action."

Educational Media Reviews Online | Laura Jenemann, Boston University Libraries
Recommended "The strength of Missing in Brooks County is that its narrative is centered on Brooks County, and specifically, the migrants and individuals who are involved in border related issues ... Given how complex this one area of the U.S./Mexico border is, one gets a sense of the immensity of the challenges not only in this border, but in larger areas of U.S. migration."

"This moving documentary follows two families who are searching for their missing loved ones ... [A] heartbreaking look at a complex situation."

Video Librarian
"Harrowing ... 
The entire documentary is brilliantly shot and depicts immigration as a much more complicated issue than some make it out to be."

The Boston Globe
"This is not the first documentary about the immigration crisis, but it’s one of the most nuanced and disturbing. The filmmakers tell the stories with restraint, emphasizing the injustices, cruelty, and suffering without needless, manipulative exaggeration. They shift deftly among their subjects and present them with empathy and understated irony, building a suspenseful multi-narrative that is part detective story, part family tragedy, part critique of a dysfunctional immigrant policy."

Film International
"A sobering piece of film."

La Estatuilla
"Vital, empathetic and humane."

Unseen Films
"I was deeply affected by this film."

MountainFilm | Suzan Beraza, Festival Director
"MIBC is one of the very best films I've seen in years."