Reviews & Quotes | Sam Now

The New York Times, Critic's Pick | Nicolas Rapold
"Sensitive and surprising... a film whose emotional reality seems to evolve before your eyes..." | Matt Zoller Seitz, Editor-At-Large
“SAM NOW is remarkable not only for its powerful subject matter and the restrained, intelligent way it examines its key players, but for how it simultaneously reaches the audience and everyone involved in the story… This is one of the year’s best films.”

POV Magazine | Marc Glassman, Editor
"Reed Harkness has made a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime film. Filled with intimate family footage, Sam Now feels like a novel or a well-crafted drama, but it’s all too true."

Film Obsessive | J Paul Johnson
"With its beautiful tapestry of old and new, love and loss, the serious and the comic, fact and fiction, Sam Now does everything it can to overcome intergenerational trauma."

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