Reviews & Quotes | Stranger at the Gate

Mustafa Ali | Professional Wrestler (WWE)
“Bringing reality to film is not only an art but a responsibility to society. Mac's story in 'Stranger at the Gate' is a reality that society should all be reminded of; hate exists but so does love.”

Tom Kitt, Tony-Winning Broadway Composer | Next to Normal
“A true work of art and a needed message of hope. Visually beautiful and emotionally powerful and resonant in every way.”

Dan Okrent | Pulitzer Prize-Winning Writer
“Stranger at the Gate’ tells a taut, engrossing story that is both terrifying and, in the end, powerfully hopeful.”

Lena Khan | Film Director and Writer
“Lets us into the soul of the type of person we read news about, but rarely get to know...and we find out the journey can both be terrifying and utterly beautiful.”

Reza Aslan | Author and TV Host 
“A heartbreaking, heartwarming story of transformation that reminds us — at a time when we really need reminding — that love can conquer hate.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson | Astrophysicist and Author, Starry Messenger: Cosmic Perspectives on Civilization
“Moving and poignant. A reminder that redemption is the most civilized thing in civilization.”

James Lapine | Director, Playwright, and Screenwriter
“A film that brings us much needed hope for our future – a true story where kindness outweighs hate.”

Mikael Jorgensen | Wilco
“Stranger At The Gate’ is a refreshing, redemptive story that serves as an antidote to the demagoguery and vitriol that has come to define our current moment.”

Ezinma | Composer
“Writing the music for this project was deeply healing. I often feel hopeless when I watch the news and read the latest headlines; but ‘Stranger at the Gate’ reminds me of our capacity for humanity, love, and understanding.”

Austin DeBesche | Cinematographer
“It’s exactly what the world needs—people from different worlds and cultures just being and talking together.”

Elizabeth Lesser | New York Times bestselling author and co-founder of Omega Institute
“A brave and compelling film. A story of real people, divided, using a traumatic event to make change from the inside out. We need this film, and we need it to be viewed and discussed widely.”

Hussein Rashid | Barnard Professor
“Stranger at the Gate’ reverses many popular misconceptions about life in the US. The film shows us our veterans are not treated as heroes, and that religion can bring people together. Our future as Americans is in coming together, and Stranger reminds us of the potential cost when we don’t.”

Ivan Cash | Interactive Artist and Filmmaker
“This 30 min film f*cked me up. Got me ugly crying. If you want to be moved, like really inspired and touched by humanity and the transformative potential of the human heart, watch @JSeftel’s latest film”

Stefan Nadelman | Film Director
“The message is unimpeachable and cuts straight to the heart. It’s not about religion, it’s about humanity. Bravo! ok gonna dry my tears now.”

Andrew Bujalski, Film Director
"Direct and incisive, Stranger at the Gate takes an essential human story and mainlines it straight to the viewer's heart. By the end my face was streaked in tears--of equal parts heartbreak and inspiration--and I immediately reached out to share it with people I loved."