Reviews & Quotes | Stumped

Educational Media Resources Online (EMRO) Reviewed by Linda Frederiksen, Washington State University
"By finding humor in tragedy and through the open discussion of amputation, organ donors, and transplants, Will’s story raises awareness of the multitude of issues and emotions surrounding disabilities. This well-crafted film is recommended for disabilities studies programs as well as general audiences."

Video Librarian
"Berghaus lets Lautzenheiser, who is alternatively philosophical and realistic, set the tone, which helps her documentary avoid the "inspiration porn" territory in which the disability defines the human being. Recommended."

Dell Medical School Dr. Richard Freeman, Transplant Surgeon and Vice Dean of Clinical Affairs
"STUMPED is an award-winning documentary that tells the incredible story of quadruple amputee, Will Lautzenheiser, whose humility and courage will inspire us all. This deeply human story is made even more compelling and amplified because his journey includes a double-arm transplant. STUMPED is a superbly crafted film that highlights a myriad of profound patient-centered, and system-wide issues that to one level or another touch anyone experiencing the health system. Among many themes, Will’s story illuminates the altruism and ethics of transplantation, the compassion and humanity of donor families, and the questions that arise around pursuing new therapies at the frontiers of modern medicine, all of which have enlightened much of my personal growth throughout my career.

Learners in any field, even those from outside health professions, will glean valuable lessons from this film that, because of Will’s humanity, will stick with the audience and, ultimately I believe, make us all better humans. The interprofessional functioning of the teams that help Will through his care, the elements at home that have as much or more to do with his progress towards better health than the care teams, and especially, the person-centered approach that the film’s producers have taken, provide deeply impactful, broad learning opportunities."

New England Donor Services | Helen Nelson, Senior Vice President, Organ Donation Services
"Both funny and emotional, STUMPED is an authentic testimonial to the life changing gift of donation. The film gets real, telling the honest story of Will’s struggles, support systems and victories through the process of a remarkable double arm transplant surgery. I would highly recommend this beautiful film about the miracle of modern medicine and the strength of the human spirit that all students and professionals would benefit from viewing."

The Boston Globe Peter Keough
"Robin Berghaus’s inspiring, heartbreaking, and sometimes hilarious STUMPED...takes up the traumatic tale of filmmaker and teacher William Lautzenheiser, who was just beginning his career when all his limbs were amputated to save his life from a rare infection. Lautzenheiser’s response? Stand-up (yes, he makes a joke about that) comedy. … After he agrees to undergo revolutionary double-arm transplantation surgery at Brigham and Women's Hospital, the doubts and ordeal put his sense of humor to the test."