Reviews & Quotes | THERE ARE THINGS TO DO

Masha Gessen | The New Yorker
"She was, almost certainly, the most prolific LGBTQ organizer in history."

Richard Burns | The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide
“Urvashi Vaid, Creator of Change….there’s a campaign to put Urvashi on a United States postage stamp.”
"There Are Things To Do ….. this is a must-see film.”

Urvashi Vaid
“I believe in America and I believe in the future of this country.” 

Kate Clinton | Writer / Comic / LGBTQ+ Activist
“Community was very important to Urvashi and what she created.”

Taryn Miller-Stevens | Member of LPAC
“Urvashi launched LPAC the first lesbian super PAC to gain visibility and political representation. Urvashi said, this is possible.” 

Terrence Meck | Co-Founder and President Palette Fund
“Urvashi wanted to help foster that next generation of young, queer, diverse people.” 

Gen Z | Provincetown MA Resident
“At the end of watching the film I felt guilty that I hadn't known about Urvashi who was a big part of the movement that gave me the state of comfort and safety and acceptance that I grew up in.”