Reviews & Quotes | The Carbon Rush

Educational Media Reviews Online | Reviewed by Kristen Adams, Science & Engineering Librarian, Miami University Libraries
"[H]ighly Recommended 
to see the other side of carbon offset projects, that can sound nice on the surface, but don't play out to be so wonderful after all."

Art Threat | Ezra Winton
"…one of the finest, most carefully researched and executed political exposés of the year."

Science Books and Films (AAAS)
"Recommended. A ground breaking documentary about the exchange of carbon credits resulting from Kyoto Protocol. It uncovers the truth behind this exchange on the global environment, as well as its economic impact on several developing countries, revealing global deception about environmental rehabilitation coupled with corruption of local governments." | Dave Markland
"A brave and smart documentary which looks deeply into this burgeoning and profitable green scheme. The film has Miller casting her unflinching gaze upon both the supply and demand side of this little-known industry.”

The Concordian
"The documentary is filled with shockingly corrupt examples … and sheds light on the state of environmental concern on the corporate level, without being overly alarmist.”

The Vancouver Observer
“This one will get you boiling. It shows again how we are shipping our climate change problems out of our sight. Big companies are buying carbon credits, which allow them to keep on emitting as much CO2 as always by supporting projects that reduce emissions in third world countries. Or so they say.”

The Source
The Carbon Rush, exposes the offset projects that are impacting developing countries and their communities so that other nations can continue their industries relatively unchecked..”

Postmedia | Jay Stone
“Directed by Canadian filmmaker Amy Miller, The Carbon Rush takes a complex subject and makes it clearer.”