Reviews & Quotes | The Last Out

Awards Radar | Shane Slater
“Taking audiences on an eventful journey, The Last Out is an eye-opening example of the intersection of sports, geopolitics and individual liberty.”

POV Magazine | Pat Mullen
The Last Out is an invigorating and eye-opening portrait of the love for the game one needs to succeed, but, more significantly, a revealing snapshot of the challenges immigrants face in pursuing the American dream.”

WHATCULTURE | Motzie Dapul
2020's Most Unexpectedly Harrowing Documentary You Need To Watch
“The story of the charismatic Happy Oliveros, the admirable Victor Baró, and the fiery Carlos O. González is one that deserves to be seen by the world, to shine a light on the desperate fight of millions of immigrants in search of a better life.”

THE WORD | Gregory Morris
“...the film is a cinematic medley of history, personal histories, traditions, culture and politics, all superbly crafted together so that audiences will feel that they are flies-on-the-wall for the entire length of a film shot in dazzling cinéma vérité style.”

MEDIUM | Brad Schreiber
“...[The Last Out is] a memorable entry in the canon of docs on immigration.”

Midwest Film Journal | Evan Dossey
The Last Out humanizes the people left behind as detritus in the economic landscape of big sports.”