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Video Librarian
Editor's Choice
Highly Recommended
"Brimming with emotion, the stories here lend an empathetic eye to their subjects, while highlighting the facts of what immigrants have to endure upon their arrival in the U.S. You’ll get a harrowing, but hopeful picture of immigration in this pointed and emotional plea to consider the unique plight of the LGBTQ refugee and asylum seeker. A necessary addition for documentary and LGBTQ shelves."

Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO) | Patti McCall-Wright, Systematic Review Librarian, University of Florida
Highly Recommended
“Their stories are personal and deeply poignant and fortunately have a happy ending but one is left to ponder all the stories that do not.”

"This moving documentary effectively gives a face to these young immigrants and their search for safety."

Variety Magazine
“An engrossing study in human interest, as well as an empathetic look at the particular struggles of U.S. immigration in the new millennium.”

San Francisco Chronicle
"Stirring and timely"

Forum with Michael Krasny
"Moving ... poignant"

KPFA 94.1
"Unsettling ... brilliant and gorgeous"

"Powerful ... unflinching"