Film poster for "Feeling the Apocalypse". A yellow and brown collage of a person sitting in a house.
Film poster for "Feeling the Apocalypse". A yellow and brown collage of a person sitting in a house.
A psychotherapist struggling with climate anxiety explores what it means to live in a dying world


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JURY AWARD FOR UNIQUE STORYTELLING - SCAD Savannah Film Festival | BEST STUDENT FILM - American Conservation Film Festival | SZABO AWARD - Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Climate Change • Eco Anxiety • Extinction • Societal Collapse & Overshoot • Collapse Awareness • Mortality • Grassroots Disaster Response • Community-Building • Anti-Capitalism

Date of Completion: 2022 | Run Time: 7 minutes​​ | Language: English with Spanish and French subtitles | Captions: Yes | Includes: Transcript | Director/Editor: Chen Sing Yap | Producer: Nikolai Osborn | Psychotherapist: Anderson Todd | Animator/ Lead Artist: Rowan Mikolic-O'Rourke | Composers: Rebecca Foss & Leah Hidalgo 

From the disappearing wildlife in his hometown Owen Sound to the anxiety he gets from seeing news stories about the melting of Greenland, psychotherapist Anderson Todd tells us how the climate crisis shakes his view of the present and the future. Like many others, he finds it difficult to share this crushing dread and anxiety with others without turning them away. But even with the collapse of large scale civilization approaching faster than expected, Anderson still wonders if there are parts of humanity that we can be hopeful about. Collapse isn't quick and clear-cut like in the movies. Humans will still be here, and we'll still have meaningful choices to make.

University of California Berkeley | Jed Terrence Lee, Wellness and Environmental Justice Community Engagement Manager
"FEELING THE APOCALYPSE has been a wonderful educational tool for my work in higher education sustainability. From students to professional staff, it has strong resonance with people passionate about environmental issues, and sparks deep and genuine discussion about navigating climate anxiety and eco-grief. I believe FTA has a place in every classroom syllabus focusing on environmentalism and social change."

American Conservation Film Festival | Hilary Lo, Festival Coordinator
"Anderson's commentary addressed real mental health issues and it also offered suggestions as to how to cope [...] We feel this will be validating and useful for many in our audience."

Climate Future Film Festival | Jim Stahl, Founder
"FEELING THE APOCALYPSE, among the 14 Official Selections, speaks most eloquently to the Festival's purpose and theme of our interior response to a possibly grim future."