14 Day Streaming Policies

For groups purchasing the 14 Day Streaming option we require that you follow our policies below and share them with your group. Failure to follow our policies will result in revoking your access.

Please share the following with all viewers:

  • You must utilize a registration system or send the link directly to your viewers.
  • The streaming link may not be shared with other institutions, schools, or the public without express permission from GOOD DOCS. Violation of this policy will result in cancellation of streaming access.
  • The streaming link may not be posted on any website or social media page that is accessible to the public or other groups or institutions. Do not post the link on YouTube, Facebook, or any public platform.
  • GOOD DOCS film and video content is protected by United States copyright law. Duplication, reproduction, alteration, television broadcast or cablecast, (except for on- campus closed circuit), loaning for a fee, leasing, sublicensing to others or use for any commercial purposes (i.e. charging admission) is strictly prohibited without express written permission from GOOD DOCS.
  • An internal license is restricted to classroom use or internal use for one community group and covers up to 300 viewers. A public streaming license covers up to 500 views for one screening event. An additional $100 will be charged for each additional 100 viewers for both internal and public licenses. The total number of viewers includes those who access the link directly and those who watch the film via screen share on Zoom or a similar platform.
  • You may not charge admission without permission.
  • Your group can access this link during the one time event or 14 day period simultaneously or individually, by streaming it on the GOOD DOCS platform.