Andrew Seger is the Creative Director at INDISTRY - an OTT streaming app focused on discovering and developing emerging artists. After completing a Master’s in Radio & Television from San Francisco State University and instructing Experimental Video there, Andrew relocating to New York where he worked in fashion, ultimately becoming the post production manager for New York Fashion Week, MIAMI SWIM, and ARUBA IN STYLE. In addition to directing WE EXIST, he has edited and produced commercials, documentaries, features, music videos, television, and fashion.  He is a brand strategist and the founder of Flannel Projects, the boutique production house that produced WE EXIST. Andrew is passionate and informed on gender fluidity from the mechanics of the gender binary, to the social and media reaction and evolution, to the granularities of WE EXIST and its production. WE EXIST took five years to make during which time Andrew gained experience interviewing non-binary and trans speakers, educators, activists and doctors covering a fluid subject as it underwent it’s growing pains in the public eye. As the director and editor of the film, Andrew can speak to the mechanics of making a documentary, issues surrounding making a biographical piece on someone still living and how one’s views can change from seeing this film from the inside.