The Artist known as INKSAP creates works of art that can be found on the streets and in galleries. His signature style is known as ARTIFACT: collections of discarded materials layered in repetition with organic movement and folding, completed with painted images of face masked Vietnamese refugees.

In 2015 he began incorporating environmental issues and initiatives into his artwork. His debut work – titled Xuanha – features a young girl wearing a face mask carrying a tree in her backpack. This image, burned into a silkscreen then printed onto paper, has been installed in numerous urban settings. With his work well-received in personal interactions and on social media, INKSAP has gone on to create more paintings of face masked children through this process. Discovering the streets serve as a more vital canvas than studio walls, INKSAP shifted his focus towards public artwork.

Based in Los Angeles, California, INKSAP has an expansive presence through his installations in Tokyo, New York City, Ho Chi Minh City, Budapest, Xi’an, Shanghai, Beijing, and Nantong. Over time, INKSAP’s work has evolved into exploring his Vietnamese heritage and the complexities of his upbringing. Brought up in a community lacking Vietnamese influence, INKSAP lost his cultural identity. It is through integrating moments of INKSAP’s family history into his street installations that he renews himself, visceral and emotionally bonding with the art.

The Art of INKSAP is internationally recognized as well as followed by East Coast critics, West Coast creatives, and global art lovers alike. The ease of access to public art he provides is a testament to the talent and impact of the artist known as INKSAP.