The Italian word corposo refers to a rich, full-bodied wine. Rich and full-bodied is also an appropriate descriptor for the life of comedian Julia Scotti. Since 1980, Julia has been honing her craft in clubs and theaters throughout the United States and Canada, performing for the first 20 years as Rick Scotti, and now, after a ten-year hiatus, as Julia Scotti for the second 20. Her second act has been the very definition of Corposo.

The new and improved Julia has been described by colleagues and press as, among other things, “a force of nature”, and “a comedy chainsaw flying through the room”.  As Julia says, her comedy always must be “fearless and honest”, and America can feel both in her performances. Since coming back to comedy, she has been named one of the Top Five Transgender Comedians in the Country by Advocate Magazine, and has performed at LGBTQ events across the country, and was one of the winners of the Laughlin Laugh Festival in Nevada. But she wasn’t done yet.

Simon Cowell said that “you genuinely made me laugh” as she introduced herself to a national audience on Season 11 of America’s Got Talent. She was the first transgender comedian to appear on national television and was a quarter-finalist on the show.

Not content to sit on her laurels, Julia went on to record her first, best-selling comedy CD entitled, “Hello Boys I’m Back!” and is preparing her second for release from 800 Pound Gorilla Records. She is currently featured on the Showtime Television Network Special, “More Funny Women of a Certain Age.”  As a nationally headling comedian, former teacher and transgendered woman, Julia offers the perfect balance of heartfelt honesty, emotional understanding and hilarious observations as she talks about what it’s like to be different in her lively speaking engagements at educational conferences and corporarte retreats.

After several eventful years of working with director Susan Sandler, the documentary portrait “Julia Scotti: Funny that Way” is now released by 1091 Pictures. Julia suggested that the film have “Part I” added to the title, because she’s only just begun. If Julia were a wine, she’d be aged just right. And she’d definitely be molto Corposo.