Linda Lack Ph.D. is a widely-respected dancer, choreographer, educator, innovator and influencer in the field of Movement/Yoga Therapy. She has performed all over the world, from dances on stage to movement rituals in desert stream beds. While dancing in New York in the 1960s, Linda saw her fellow dancers suffering from injuries and began creating her own exercises to help the body survive the rigors of life and art.

In 1970, she returned to Los Angeles and created The Thinking Body-The Feeling Mind®, a comprehensive movement technique useful in supporting injured bodies on their way to healing as well as sustaining demanding and accomplished movers. The Thinking Body-The Feeling Mind®has been recognized alongside Pilates, Feldenkrais, Bartenieff and Alexander Technique as a contemporary movement training/healing method. Linda describes TBFM as the owner’s manual for the body that was never issued to us at birth. She credits the technique she created with sustaining her well into her 70s as she continues to teach, train and heal both at her studio in Los Angeles and across the globe.