As a self-starter in the indie film world, Maggie Hart is no stranger to wearing multiple hats with shoestring budgets. While attending film school and working full-time as a production manager, she also had the crazy idea of making her first feature film, which was finally completed in 2014.

She spent three years in LA as an award-winning writer, commercial producer, and screenwriting teacher, but longed for more meaningful work. In 2018 she shifted gears to documentary production, fulfilling a lifelong dream of using the power of cinematic storytelling to shift culture and change the world.

This core belief in the power of storytelling led her to co-found Farsighted Creative, a production company that looks beyond the trends of our current culture to tell meaningful stories that create empathy for today and a hopeful vision for tomorrow. She has since produced documentary podcasts, short films, episodic series, and feature length films, both documentary and narrative.