Margaret (Mati Esther) Engel is a spiritual care provider, psychedelic chaplain and practicing performance artist. Her clinical background is in hospital chaplaincy, palliative care chaplaincy, and psychedelic-assisted therapy. Mati guides her clients through immersive creative experiences as a means of spiritual inquiry and spiritual emergence. She was the lead subject of a Sundance-winning and Oscar-short-listed film, A Still Small Voice, documenting Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy as a practice during Covid-19 in NYC. Mati also offers psychedelic integration that is informed by her creative praxis and trauma-informed spiritual care. She has since been a Founding Practioner at Labyrxnth, a Modern Spiritual Care Platform, and Facilitates workshops on the intersection of art, theology, and healing. She obtained her M.Div from the University of Chicago and trained in Integral Movement and Performance Practice (IMPP) at Arthaus Berlin in Germany. She completed a two-year foundational intensive in ancestral trauma training, group coherence building, and contemplative practices with Thomas Hübl and has a certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies from Naropa University, where she has taught and facilitated contemplative practice and spiritual assessments.

Mati was raised Hassidic in Ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn and now leads a spiritual lifestyle, that is less religiously binded. She is 3rd generation Holocaust survivor and comes from a lineage of Afghanistani and Pakistani Jewish mystics (Kabbalists). She is often in Berlin, NY, California, and Jerusalem.