Mike Seely has over a dozen years of professional experience as a director and cinematographer of social issue documentary films, working with independent directors, non-profit, and broadcast clients such as; National Geographic, HBO, Al Jazeera, PBS Newshour, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. As a cinematographer, he has developed an eye for moments that reflect universal human qualities. As a director, he aims to amplify the voices of underrepresented populations. Seely received a Fulbright scholarship to explore the Polish documentary film tradition, and has a master's degree in Documentary Filmmaking from Stanford University. Mike worked closely with Hector on the creation of EXILED, which tells the emotional and complicated stories of veterans living in Tijuana, Mexico. Despite their “lawful permanent resident” status in the U.S. and honorable military service, they have been sent away because of criminal convictions. In this powerful investigation of the human consequences of U.S. immigration policies, these EXILED soldiers are now fighting to be heard and return to America - the country they consider home.