Therese Shechter is an award-winning filmmaker and public speaker, and the founder of the female-led production company Trixie Films. Her work fuses humor, activism, and personal storytelling to disturb what's considered most sacred about womanhood. Therese’s new documentary, MY SO-CALLED SELFISH LIFE, is a paradigm-shifting journey through one of our greatest social taboos: choosing not to become a mother. It is the third part of a trilogy which includes her films How To Lose Your Virginity (2013) and I Was A Teenage Feminist (2005).

With her signature first-person style, Therese has fostered engaging and thought-provoking conversations for the past 20 years. She has screened and spoken at some of the most prominent schools and organizations in North America, including Harvard, Columbia, The American Public Health Association, the Kinsey Institute, NARAL, Duke, MIT, the American Sociological Association, the Brooklyn Museum, and Planned Parenthood.

Her films have screened from Rio de Janeiro to Istanbul to Seoul, and are in the collections of hundreds of universities, non-profits, and libraries. You can find coverage of her work in The Atlantic, Vice, Salon, The Chicago TribuneElle, and Ms. Magazine, among others.

Therese's film career began in 2000 when she moved to New York to join Robert DeNiro’s company Tribeca Productions. Prior to becoming a filmmaker, Shechter worked for the Chicago Tribune, and served as Design Director for two of the newspaper's Pulitzer-Prize-winning projects.