Reviews & Quotes | ADDICTED TO LIFE

Meghan Kallman | State Senator, Rhode Island District 15 
"ADDICTED TO LIFE tells an unflinching, yet tender story: following the experience of an elite athlete with a progressive degenerative disease, the film highlights the complexity, pain, and beauty of being able to choose to end one's life with dignity." 

Brown University Warren Alpert Medical School | Tom Bledsoe, MD MACP
"This film made a deep impression on both the medical students and the faculty in attendance. Those new to the topic left with much to think about and those with settled opinions left unsettled, also with much to think about. The film is a powerful presentation of the issues around medical assistance in dying and even euthanasia and its powerful effect is on both the emotional and intellectual levels for the audience. The experience of watching it highlights important issues for those who care about and care for persons with serious illness."