Reviews & Quotes | A Long March

Video Librarian | J. Zimmerman
 "The film, with its poignant storytelling and mastery of archival footage, thrusts audiences into the heart of a forgotten chapter—one where valor is met with betrayal, and sacrifice is overshadowed by bureaucratic callousness [...] Highly Recommended."

Educational Media Reviews Online | Reviewed by Joseph Baumstarck, Jr., Adjunct Professor - Ivy Tech Community College and Independent Scholar
"This film accomplishes its objectives well and is rated highly recommended. It is a beneficial adjunct to history classes from high school through college and as educational material for the general public."

Westminster College | Eleonor G. Castillo, PhD, Asst Professor, Westminster College
“As a longtime educator, both in PreK-12 and higher education, I critically reflect upon the histories and lived experiences that have been readily excluded from such disciplines as social studies and U.S. history in the American school system. The documentary, A Long March, provides a way to foster critical thinking and dialogue within a classroom setting that addresses U.S. history often untold, as the film brings forth the story of Filipinos who fought and died for the United States during World War II. Additionally, A Long March raises our consciousness of the unkept promises made to Filipino-U.S. soldiers by the U.S. government. Thus, incorporating the documentary as a curriculum piece would enhance teaching and learning in U.S. history, Asian American studies, ethnic studies, and justice studies courses.”

Los Angels Asian Pacific Film Festival
“In an honest and heartfelt directorial debut, TS Botkin follows Filipino American veterans as they emotionally trace their paths from war to erasure by the U.S. Government.”

Better Angels Society | Ken Burns
"We live in a turbulent time," said Ken Burns. "There's never been a better moment to lift up and reflect diverse stories from history to provide a greater perspective on what we're experiencing now. Documentary filmmakers help us understand our common history, see one another, and celebrate what makes us similar and different. I am very grateful to Jonathan and Jeannie Lavine and The Better Angels Society for providing a pathway to bring filmmakers from all backgrounds to the table and recognizing that diverse perspectives are integral to telling the breadth of our country’s history.”

Better Angels Society | Jeannie Lavine
“There’s a great hunger for understanding the past right now, and we need compelling history stories that are grounded in research. The documentaries selected through this fellowship allow us to engage with the past in a way that is gripping and enlightening. They also spark conversations that are critical to how we understand the present. This fellowship opens up resources and brings a community of expert filmmakers to those promising filmmakers who apply for the Library of Congress Lavine/Ken Burns Prize for Film.”

Asian Avenues Magazine
"Uncovering historical relics in a basement led to the long awaited documentary called A Long March."

"They want respect. They want to be recognized as having served. So, the Rescission of 1946, when repealed, will right the wrong that was done," said Joe Garbonzos.

San Diego Tribune
“I feel personally that we have an obligation to our ancestry to heal the wounds of the past,” Botkin said, “by recognizing what we’ve done and making restitution where we can.”

ShoPowSho Podcast | Patrick Strange/aka Kuya P
Check out the conversation with A Long March, Kuya P, and Viva Valentina as they speak with T.S. Botkin about the lost history of Filipino American veterans.

Greatest Memories Podcast | Ben Sandifer
A Long March film and its mission of restoring benefits to Filipino-American veterans.