Reviews & Quotes | A STILL SMALL VOICE

Anthony Kaufman | Documentary Magazine
“Exquisite and extraordinarily intimate.” 

Alissa Wilkinson | The New York Times

“Absorbing.” “One of the best films of 2023.” 

Alissa Wilkinson | Vox
“The grace that flows off the screen is gutting.”

Amy Nicholson | The New York Times Critics Pick
“It’s human and messy — and it’s divine.” 

Christian Blauvelt | IndieWire
“Give[s] voice to America’s collective grief in a way that little else has.”

Anthony Kaufman | DOC10 Chicago
“A STILL SMALL VOICE is suffused with such sensitivity, poignancy, and artistry that it’s already being hailed as one of the best documentaries of the year. . . . A profoundly piercing chronicle of an individual under pressure and an institution in crisis.” 

Sheri Linden | The Hollywood Reporter
“Penetrating and deeply moving. . . . Unforgettable.”

Kim Yutani | Sundance Film Festival Director of Programming
“One of the more fascinating journeys I saw this year.” 

Pat Mullen | POV Magazine
“One of the most rewarding character studies audiences will see this year. . . . therapeutically moving and a work of radical empathy for turbulent times.”

Jessica Peña | Next Best Picture
“An illuminating documentary on how pain carries weight on us all. It asks big questions, studies the human psyche, and offers hope.” 

Nicolas Rapold | Sight & Sound
“At once an eloquent reflection on mortality and a quintessential document of the emotional and spiritual burdens of great responsibility, Luke Lorentzen’s A STILL SMALL VOICE finds the universal in the particular experience of a hospital chaplain . . . . Lorentzen’s incredibly attuned, efficient filmmaking set this film apart in a crowded field of works on life and death and healthcare.” 

Elizabeth Weitzman | The Wrap
“A STILL SMALL VOICE holds wisdom enough to apply to us all. [Mati’s] lack of cynicism and her respect and care for patients and their families is so astounding it feels almost miraculous . . . . The camera sits quietly and nonjudgmentally so that soft-spoken subjects can explore and express the grandest themes imaginable: what it means to live, and how we learn to die.” 

Andre Couture | GVN
“Carries immeasurable strength from within.”

Stephen Saito | The Moveable Feast 
“Therapeutic and cleansing.”