Reviews & Quotes | All That I Am

Journal of International Women's Studies | Sue, Eliason, Ed. D., is an Associate Professor Elementary and Early Childhood Education Department, Childhood Studies Minor Coordinator, Bridgewater State University
"The documentary, All that I am, is a valuable professional development tool; a stimulating discussion prompt for use with high school or college students; as well as a beneficial resource for families."

Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO) | Stephanie A. Diaz, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Penn State - Behrend
Highly Recommended "All That I Am is a powerful and deeply personal account of recovery from childhood sexual abuse ... In the classroom, this film would be ideal for any courses designed to discuss sexual abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma recovery, and social services that support victims of abuse."

Elisabeth Nærestad, BTI leader for Arendal municipality
"Emilie’s voice speaks to both the head and the heart, and I think that is very important in order to mobilize the courage needed to uncover and prevent child abuse.”

Arne Johannessen, chief for Sogn og Fjordane in the Western Police District
"I hope everyone who has been here today has found something to reflect on, not least regarding seeing the small things.”

Karoline Astrup, Parish Priest
“Within the church it is also easy to forget (or fail to acknowledge) our responsibility to reinforce and encourage those voices that highlight injustice and betrayal. Few social institutions in our country are in contact with a larger swath of the population than the Church of Norway - from cradle to grave, in all life’s phases. It not only provides a great opportunity to reach many, but an equally great responsibility.”

Kjersti M. Finsrud, public health nurse
"An intimate and powerful film that shows the breadth of consequences for a young person who has been the victim of sexual abuse. The effect on her development both emotionally and cognitively reveals the damage inflicted on her body, heart and soul. It touched me deeply and made me see even clearer how crucial it is that all adults working with children and young people know what to do when they discover or suspect that a child has been the victim of violence or abuse.”

Erik Førde, Public Prosecutor
"Seeing the film about Emilie is quite powerful. I've never forgotten Emilie. That introduction to the judge's questioning where she says she's been in child torment, that’s a line that you'll never forget. It was thought-provoking to see how the system meet a young woman like Emilie, and I think we have quite a lot to learn from that.”

Drøbak Montessori School | Borge Bringsværd, teacher and assistant principal
"We have plans for fire protection, first aid and lifesaving that we are required to follow up every year, often with courses. But we never do anything on a regular basis around this topic (violence and sexual assault). I'm thinking this needs to be included in our annual wheel.”

RVTS west | Inge Nordhaug, clinical social worker in child and adolescent psychiatry
"Taboos make sexual abuse terribly burdensome for the family and others. I am therefore full of admiration for this family for making itself available and exposing some of this.”

The Hollywood Reporter
"Has a gripping vérité power ... Intimately observed but never intrusive ... A quietly observant profile in courage."

Jury Prize | Bergamo Film Meeting
"For the director’s ability to tell the true and touching story of a girl, without invading too much her already fragile balance and, at the same time, effectively portraying all her strength and determination on screen, giving voice to the many stories of abuse and violence which are still perpetrated in the world today. CGIL has always been at the forefront in defense of human rights and condemning violence against women. The importance of reporting abuse, even at home (especially after the pandemic this year has caused a tremendous increase of domestic abuse - 119% more in Italy alone) can never be stressed enough."

"An intimate portrait of the defiant Emile, as she pushes past the scariest aspects of her past to carve a path to a better future. It’s exactly the sort of personal take on a dark but essential subject that benefits from the festival platform, even in these strange times."

Spirituality & Practice
“Emotionally Touching. A powerful appreciation of the lasting damage of sexual abuse on children and those closest to them. Draws out our empathy.”

Cinema Sentries
"A beautiful story of courage in the midst of fear ... This film is beautifully shot and the pacing allows for the viewer to really get a sense of how time passes for Emile."

POV Magazine
"There’s no denying the calibre of the unique and powerful character at the heart of the film. Emile’s story is one shared by far too many, yet the way she is allowed to tell it, in dribs and drabs as she comes to terms with all that has transpired, is quite impactful."

The Gate
“Gut-wrenching and heartbreaking. The kind of film you hope everyone sees because it might make the world a more understanding and empathetic place. Honest and unflinching. Gorgeously shot, expertly paced, and overwhelmingly emotional.”

The Movable Fest
"The lingering effects of a horrific crime are vividly portrayed in this profile of a young Norwegian woman looking to move on with her life."