Reviews & Quotes | black enuf*

"mixes animation with family interviews and dry humor to explore their... Blackness and LGBTQ identity"

New York Times | Tamara Best
“recalls the journey for acceptance”

Black Girl Nerds
“It explores their identity and the long, winding journey it took to arrive at a comfortable place with it. Their tongue-in-cheek humor and honesty made this film resonate.”

Kansas City Star | Jeneé Osterheldt
“Creating a dialogue will help ease the burdens so many teens carry.”

Philadelphia Gay News | Gary Kramer
"Carrie Hawks’ fabulous short “black enuf*” mixes hand-drawn animation and interviews with friends and family members. Hawks recounts personal struggle finding irrefutable acceptance in the Black community and in the Queer community. Hawks details their family’s history and genetic make-up, as well as how stereotypes about food, “talking white,” skiing, religion and images from television impact their cultural identification and assimilation."

Barnard Magazine | Elicia Brown
“I was deeply moved by the film and happy to see the students engaged.”

Annaleigh Sage Bergman (Facebook post after PBS Screening)
"Hawks’ new film, black enuf*, is an animated documentary that mines the filmmaker’s personal journey to ask questions about race, including how identifying as queer can complicate the quest to fit into the black community."