Reviews & Quotes | Crime + Punishment

Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO) | Reviewed by Carolyn Klotzbach-Russell, Social Sciences Librarian and Government Information Librarian, University at Buffalo Libraries
"Crime + Punishment is a powerful documentary that takes the viewer from an intimate cafe conversation to a Rikers’ cells. It is highly recommended for study in Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Urban Studies." 

Video Librarian ★★★
F. Swietek
"Presenting a strong critique of profit-based malfeasance within the NYPD, this is recommended."

New York Times | A.O. Scott
"Crime + Punishment advances a thorough critique of American law enforcement not by generalizing or speechifying, but by digging into particular lives and circumstances, allowing affected individuals to speak for themselves." 

The Village Voice | Alan Scherstuhl
"Sensitive portraiture and vigorous investigative reporting, Crime + Punishment tracks the struggle of minority police officers within the NYPD to reshape the culture of law enforcement itself. Maing’s film also proves arresting in its compositions, its moody, city-spanning drone photography, its occasional playful looseness. But its power rises from the courage of its subjects, men and women who don’t necessarily want to be fighting the system — they’re eager to be out there in their city, policing the way they consider just."

Film Comment | Eric Hynes
"It’s a real achievement, this film. Gorgeously composed...Vital, necessary and groundbreaking. It’s a significant work of investigative journalism."

Paste Magazine | Andy Crump
"One of 2018’s essential documentaries. Maing’s talent is undeniable. It’s grasp of the daring and the bravery, of its subjects makes it a document that will endure for years to come."

Collider | Matt Goldberg
"Maing's terrific documentary... with the help of his brave subjects and the damning evidence they collect, breaks down how racist outcomes are the result of tribalism, bureaucracy, and money.

American Cinematographer | Pat Thomson
"That was fantastic. It should be required viewing for all New Yorkers! SO important, and really beautifully made as well."