Reviews & Quotes | Evolution of A Criminal

The New York Times | Jeannette Catsoulis
"Constructed with an unvarnished simplicity that — perhaps deliberately — bolsters our impression of guilelessness, Mr. Monroe’s tale unfolds primarily through the eyes of a parade of witnesses, most of them family members. Not one of these would have believed Mr. Monroe’s 16-year-old self capable of executing the 1997 bank robbery that would send him to prison for five years. Instead, they recall “a warm child” with excellent grades whose sensitivity to his mother’s deepening financial difficulties radically transformed both his personality and his future." 

The New Yorker Richard Brody 
"Its images, its shape, its tone, and its implications make it a terrific movie, as well as the birth of an artist."

Pedro A. Noguera, Professor of Education at Steinhardt School of Culture,  Executive Director at Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools (New York University)
"A powerful and insightful examination of the factors that led a young man to commit a violent crime. Evolution of a Criminal will help viewers to understand why so many young people make bad choices. It also reminds us that redemption is possible."