Reviews & Quotes | Full Circle

Apple News | Shaker Samman
"Trevor Kennison’s story is raw and human. It’s joyful, sure, but at times it’s painful – something this film thankfully does not shy away from. FULL CIRCLE is a story about what it means to dig deep, as an athlete, and a person."

Forbes | Michelle Bruton
"One of the most moving ski films in recent memory."

Mountain Gazette | Mike Rogge
"FULL CIRCLE is a satisfying, masterful, and honest documentary. The film will punch you in the gut and lift you up offering a full range of emotional payoffs."

National Geographic | Sofia Jaramillo
"FULL CIRCLE is a storytelling feat – a must-see movie that will push your understanding of what it means to be an athlete."

Josh Dueck, Paralympic Champion
"As an athlete, amateur historian, person with a disability and person who loves ski culture; you fucking nailed this."

New Mobility Magazine | Ian Ruder, Editor
"The film is beautiful, intelligent and moving. Barry’s writing always hits me at the core, and to have built a movie that lives up to that standard and even elevates it, is quite an accomplishment."

Project Possible | Chris Slavin
"The honesty and truthfulness with which the creators presented the reality of life with Spinal Cord Injury was a relief. We need films like this – you guys put something really spectacular together."