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Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO) | Lauren Stieglitz, Science Liaison Librarian, University of Alberta
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED "Inhabitants is a very well-constructed and well filmed documentary that would be valuable to Indigenous studies, environmental sciences or agriculture courses."

Booklist OnlineCandace Smith
"In a time of global warming, raging fires, and rampant storms, this thought-provoking program turns for answers to the people who have been keepers of the earth for thousands of years ... With its subjects filmed at work in their fields, tending the bison, or processing lumber, [Inhabitants] makes a strong case for melding Native ways with modern agricultural practices."

| Arty Mangan, Bioneer
Inhabitants shines a bright and respectful light on what may be the world’s best chance for pulling back from the edge of ecological disaster.”

"The wisdom of the original inhabitants is finally being heard"

Local News Matters
“Inhabitants: An Indigenous Perspective”: In Costa Boutsikaris’ and Anna Palmer’s important feature, we’re reminded yet again how the original stewards and guardians of the land — Native Americans — came up with so many practices that we are finally heeding so we can protect the planet and allow it to thrive. From innovations in farming to controlled burns, “Inhabitants’” shows how numerous Indigenous traditions and ways of being are now being emulated in a land that is continually hurting.”

Our Quad Cities | Linda Cook
"This is a movie about a return to wisdom to help the Earth thrive."