Reviews & Quotes | Joe Papp in Five Acts

American Theater
“...the highest tribute we can offer to the revolutionaries of the past is to dream, as they did, beyond the given circumstances of the current moment, and to fight for a future that’s better than the past bequeathed to us. That’s what we can see in Joe Papp in Five Acts if we look for it.”

Wall Street Journal
“...a well-timed tribute to one of the more influential figures of the American stage…”

Los Angeles Times
“ enlightening 2012 documentary…”

David Hare - Playwright/Screenwriter
"I never hear a genuinely progressive artistic director speak about their ambitions without hearing an echo of Joe – whether they know it or not. Everything today’s theatre wants – racial diversity, gender equality, equal opportunity – are the values that Joe fought for, and to an astonishing extent, achieved fifty years ago."