Reviews & Quotes | #KidonTech

Dad, 34
"As alive and complex an issue as climate change."

Dad, 48
“Very relevant. And the film describes it beautifully.”

Mom, 40
"I liked that the message is not about how technology is bad; But, it’s our relationship to it!”

Mom, 37
“I loved that there was input from countries from all over the world."

Dr. Paula Bleckmann
“In the future, wealthy kids will have teachers; poor kids computers.” 

Ellison Smith, Middle-School Reading Specialist
“I thank you for making the film about kids and technology. I talk to so many families where the kids can not shut off. They have air pods, iPads, tablets, etc and they wonder why their child cannot read. It is really quite frustrating.” 

Dr. Richard Powers
“I think the film is very persuasive. I like the analogy to alcohol addiction, but screen addiction seems to be even more overwhelming and interferes even more with human connections than alcohol does.”

Lanie Boggs
What a fantastic documentary! There is so much research to be done on the effects of technology. Thank you for sharing this with me.

Dr. Ida Oberaman
“It's excellent!”

Karen Rivers
“I think your choices of families, issues raised by professionals, and the clear impact on the young and old alike, were masterfully executed. I think this film could have a significant impact on families around the world.” 

Kristina Schaum
“Thank you for making this film. With voices from all over the world you show that regardless of culture, the basic needs for healthy child develop is the same. This film raises a mirror for us adults to reflect on our own behavior. It’s first and foremost my responsibility. I really like the asthetics of the movie and the arc of suspense, the technical quality, too. A great and modern piece of art and information, leading Waldorf education into the second century of its existence and giving an important message to (on) education in general.”

“My name is Simon. I am 19 years old and I am studying music and cello in the east of France. I watched your movie #KidsOnTech, and... I loved it! It should be seen by the whole world! Thank you and bravo!”

“This film is authentic, versatile, emotionally touching without being preachy.” It asks us to reflect upon our own behaviour -- especially around our own children.”

“I am the mum of two teenagers from Türkiye. Thank you for this great film. I am impressed with the way you defined this enormous, worldwide problem that every family is now facing. I loved it! I feel every parent needs to watch this film!”

Patricia Stone, Mother of 2
“Powerful... and confirms my commitment for our daughters to be media free.”