Reviews & Quotes

Moveable Fest | Stephen Saito, editor and writer
“extraordinarily prescient… In Aldarondo’s extraordinary film, a crisis can bring out the worst in people, but also the best”

Filmmaker Magazine | Brett Story
“an exquisite film, by turns tender and compassionate, cinematically adventurous and self-assured”

Hollywood Reporter | Jordan Mintzer, writer and producer
“For those of us whose memory of Hurricane Maria boils down to footage of President Donald Trump scornfully tossing out paper towels to a crowd at a disaster relief center, Cecilia Aldarondo’s documentary Landfall offers up a welcome flipside”

Educational Media Reviews Online | Sara DeSantis, Reference and Research Librarian, University of South Carolina Upstate
“The documentary Landfall is a beautifully shot documentary depicting life in Puerto Rico in the two years between the destruction of Hurricane Maria in 2017 and when people took to the streets to remove Ricardo Rossello as Governor in 2019 [...] I recommend Landfall because of its amazing shots of life in Puerto Rico and the information that you get from all of the interviews.”