Reviews & Quotes | Leftover Women

Film Inquiry
"If you want a perspective of women’s issues throughout the world, watch Leftover Women ... Films such as Leftover Women remind viewers that the fight for equality is not a problem confined to one country or community, but rather the world."

The Blue Lenses
"Leftover Women is captivating viewing that demands we think with intelligence and compassion of a world beyond our own experience."

Screen International
"An emotionally complex piece of personal portraiture that intimately reveals the extent to which traditional attitudes still dominate Chinese society regardless of its globalised surface."

"The systematic disparagement and discrimination these women face is the subject of Leftover Women, an affecting new documentary"

Film Forward
"The intimate Leftover Women offers a portrait of the quest for love in contemporary China."

Unseen Films
"The chilling thing is that Leftover Women doesn’t necessarily represent a problem, but the dawning of one, a demographic cataclysm that sees no signs of going away."

Educational Media Reviews Online | Stephanie A. Diaz, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Penn State - Behrend
Highly Recommended "Leftover Women would be an excellent addition to college-level Women and Gender Studies, Asian Studies, as well as other cultural studies courses.