Reviews & Quotes | The Light In Her Eyes

UC Berkeley Saba Mahmood, Associate Professor of Anthropology
"There are few films that have ever captured the sense of dignity and devotion of pious Muslim women as powerfully as The Light in her Eyes. Shot over a period of 3 years in a Syrian mosque school, this film brings us close to the lives of these young women as they learn the fundamentals of Islamic piety and Quranic recitation.  Playfully and inventively, these remarkable women talk freely about what it means to live their faith and to balance the religious and secular demands of their urban existence. A rare insight into the informal Islamicization of pre-revolutionary Syria whose force will likely outlast the Assad regime.  A must see!"

Bard/Al-Quds University Stephanie Saldaña, Instructor of Literature, Director of the Core Curriculum, and Author of The Bread of Angels: A Journey to Love and Faith
"The Light in Her Eyes is required viewing for anyone who wants to learn more about Islam, the Middle East, and the surprising ways in which girls and women in Syria are taking hold of their futures and their destinies. Houda al-Habash and the Quranic school for girls that she leads show us a completely different version of women in Islam than that of the headlines: a world in which women are independent, are free to disagree, and are challenged to become leaders in their societies. Yet just as importantly, this film, perhaps more than any before it, helps a general audience to grasp the complexity of the Quran and how it effects the lives of Muslims around the world. They’ll witness how it is memorized, recited, debated, internalized…. Finally, an often difficult text can come alive for teachers and students alike. I cannot recommend this film highly enough."

University of Oklahoma Professor Josh Landis, Director of Center for Middle East Studies
"The Light in Her Eyes is a must see for anyone seeking to understand the cultural context of the Syrian uprising. Islamist militias are the strongest on the ground and Islamist politicians will be powerful in tomorrow’s Syria. To understand what Islam means to many middle class Syrians, see this film."

University of Sussex Hilary Kalmbach, Director of The Middle East and North Africa Centre at Sussex
"The ideas, values, and motivations of the conservative women who teach or attend lessons in mosques are often misunderstood outside of the Middle East.  The Light in Her Eyes provides viewers with unparalleled insight into the activities of Syrian mosque instructor Houda al-Habash. It allows the voices of al-Habash and her followers to be heard with unprecedented clarity, highlighting their aspirations, opinions, and concerns. The film succeeds in presenting the complexity of the viewpoints and motivations of these women, making it an invaluable resource for any who want to broaden their understanding of the Middle East and Islam. It is also of particular interest to high school and university instructors who want to challenge student perceptions of Muslim women and their religious practices.  Beautifully shot, the film shows the vibrant rhythms and colours of daily life in Damascus immediately before Syria’s descent into civil war."