Reviews & Quotes | LOVE LETTERS

CASCADIA International Women's Film FestivalCheryl Crooks
"Love Letters is a profound and heartfelt film beautifully unfolded by director Greta Schiller. The story of the two women who courageously challenged the child custody system at a time when it was radical for a lesbian couple to do so is touching, personal and genuinely moving. CASCADIA is excited and honored to give it the world premiere."

Smith College | Kelly Anderson, Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality
"Set against the backdrop of the women’s liberation movements of the 1970s, “Love Letters” is a story about love at first sight, feminist revolutions, and the beautiful families that lesbians have made. This is a film about desire, rich intellectual and political lives, and the importance of our archives. Thank you, Liz and Kate, for the worlds you have made possible."