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Academic Quotes

Educational Media Reviews Online | Kay Hogan Smith, Retired - University of Alabama at Birmingham, Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences
"The pressure and censure that the primary subjects of My So-Called Selfish Life have dealt with when they revealed their lack of interest in becoming mothers are discussed candidly, revealing hard-won self-awareness, humor and resilience ... Highly recommended, especially for audiences interested in sociology or women’s studies."

University of Maine | Dr. Amy Blackstone, Professor of Sociology, Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center, University of Maine; Author, “Childfree By Choice” (Dutton 2019)
"Wonderful to see and hear from a diverse group, particularly given how white and middle/upper-middle class this area of work has been to this point–both in terms of whose experiences are considered and who gets presented as expert."

Denison University | Dr. Hanne Blank Boyd, Dept. of Women’s and Gender Studies
"A big-hearted and joyfully feminist film that opens an important conversation about the potential of women's lives.”

University of South Carolina BeaufortDeborah J. Cohan , Ph.D., Professor of Sociology
"Validating and life-affirming for those who have made this choice, and deeply informative for anyone willing to be open to understanding that choice."

Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, CUNY | Bonnie Anderson, PhD, Professor Emerita of History
"My So-Called Selfish Life was terrific. I loved the different kinds of women the film portrayed… especially the inclusion of women of color."

Hunter College and LaGuardia Community College | Bronwen Pardes MA, Lecturer
“In My So-Called Selfish Life, director Therese Shechter walks a fine line, taking aim at the motherhood mandate without dishonoring motherhood or mothers."

Press Quotes

The Guardian
“Looks at the pernicious side of the traditional ways women are validated”

Ms. Magazine
"A striking and imaginative documentary, which addresses an oft-overlooked facet of reproductive justice.”

New York Post
"The documentary [My So-Called Selfish Life] feels particularly timely now, with the recent leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade decision."

Chicago Tribune
“Shechter brings political speeches, pop culture references, physicians’ expertise and personal experiences of childless women together on the issues and pressures surrounding reproductive justice.”

Jewish Women’s Archive

“Full of insights from experts and the joyously childfree, this film expands our understanding of reproductive justice.”

“The demise of Roe v. Wade is imminent, and in this moment, it’s more important than ever to annihilate the notion that motherhood is the most defining aspect of a woman’s destiny.”