Reviews & Quotes | On The Divide

Educational Media Reviews Online | Rachael Dreyer, Head of Research Services for Special Collections, Pennsylvania State University
Highly Recommended. "Artfully done, this documentary shows the complexity of the pro-life/pro-choice debate within the community of McAllen, TX--for those involved, it is always deeply personal and informed by lived experiences."

Films for the Feminist Classroom | Reviewed by Renée Monchalin
"On the Divide speak to the layered experiences of abortion access as a person of color in the United States."

FILM THREAT | Sabina Dana Plasse
"On the Divide is a slice of what is happening around reproductive rights on the ground."

the WORD | Greggory Morris
"ON THE DIVIDE is gripping and compelling, edge-of-the-seat storytelling at its best, with 79 minutes of take-a-deep-breath cinematography."