Reviews & Quotes | Powerlands

Featured Interview on Democracy Now

Naomi Klein, Author | Shock Doctrine
Powerlands is a map drawn in the vibrant colours of resistance, an essential text for the climate justice movement, and a gift from a brilliant young filmmaker."

Avi Lewis, Filmmaker | This Changes Everything
"Ivey Camille Manybeads Tso honours the powerful protagonists in this film with her own passion, commitment, and art.”

Review from Broadway World
"It is not possible to watch this film without...swelling emotion. In empowering the people themselves to give voice to their experiences, their aspirations, and their fierce resolve, the film itself is a powerhouse experience."

Interview from the Navajo-Hopi Observer
"Powerlands highlights the displacement of indigenous people and the devastation of the environment by energy companies that exploit the land to the detriment of the native people on them."

Full interview at Counterspin
"Powerlands asks those of us who aren't at the immediate sharp end to see, and to connect."

Twin Geeks
"Finds the dance in the struggle and articulates, powerfully, how that dance is the struggle."

Portland Tribune
"Clear analysis of colonial dynamics spanning continents and centuries."

River Reporter
"Inspirational and powerful."

Halifax Courier
"Resists the idea that there are simple solutions."

Lake County News
"Exposes a range of corporate abuses and Indigenous resistance."

Lake County Record Bee
"Brings to light the generations-long worldwide exploitation of Indigenous people and their lands."

School Library Journal | Maggie Knapp
"Takes the view that profit and cheap energy must take second place to local health and stresses the necessity for everyone to unite to protect Earth’s natural resources."