Reviews & Quotes | PLAN C

Video Librarian | J. Zimmerman
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "This documentary is incredibly brave and features dozens of equally courageous women who share their experiences both with providing care and receiving care even though state governments have placed a death sentence on such activities in some of these states. Highly Recommended."

The Hollywood Reporter
“Moving and urgent.”

The Daily Beast
“Plan C, the Powerful Film That Rallied Abortion Activists at Sundance.”

Flickering Myth
“At once a depressing portrait of modern America and a testament to the courage of abortion activists, Plan C is a vital, must-see documentary."

Unseen Films
“I was rocked and it will rock your world too. Destined to be talked about, argued about and litigated for years PLAN C is a must see especially if you have any women you love in your life.”

The Utah Review
“Amid fear and turbulence of dire threats to abortion, reproductive rights, PLAN C documentary is testament of hope, resilience...The profound sense of humanity permeating through the footage is gripping and heart touching but the advocates’ pragmatic and resolute mindset keeps PLAN C from descending into a sense of hopelessness and instead becomes a statement of resilience.”

"How ‘Plan C’ Director Tracy Droz Tragos Plans to Make Noise About Abortion Access at Sundance Film Festival"

"This Documentary About the Fight for Abortion Information and Access Is One of the Best Movies of the Year" 

"Plan C’ Documentarian Kept Her Cameras Rolling As Abortion Access Dried Up"

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